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Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Guiltless World

The thread that runs through this world is guilt, whether that be in our one on one personal relationships, group or nation dynamics, our structures and organizations we have set up such as courts, police, etc. Think about how often you project, how you blame or judge (this is seeing guilt) someone or something, even if you consider it "minor," even if it is only a thought in your head.

What would a guiltless world look like? It would --- would is not the right word as it is not hypothetical --- it is one of unending beauty and gentleness. This is the Kingdom of Love. This is what exists behind the false appearance we call the world.

When Jesus talked about Heaven on Earth and Heaven within you (one and the same), a guiltless world is what he was referring to. Jesus came here and offered himself in a great act of compassion to show us that we are not guilty, that sin does not exist for we have never separated from God, that we are Love, that we are eternal and "death" has no power over us.

Guilt, fear, and judgment are three legs on the same stool. When you remove one leg, the whole stool falls, revealing what was truly there --- God's Kingdom of Love.

Lawrence Doochin
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