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Friday, February 16, 2018

How You Become Happy

Happiness comes when we no longer strive to be happy. It is the striving, the desire to be something or have something different, which blocks your awareness of the natural happiness or joy that has always been there.

For we are part of God --- He expresses through us, and He comes to know Himself/Herself as Love through having our Being in Him. God is perfect .... so we are as well.

What is the definition of perfection? Can a piece of artwork be perfect? We are each beautiful landscapes on the canvas of Life. Our belief that we are not perfect --- as we are --- stems from a misconception of who we are. It is our self judgment which creates a false belief in us that we are not already perfect.

Of course, we can "improve" ourselves by being more kind, more compassionate, more loving, but this does not take away the truth that we are still One with God and All that is, regardless of our words, actions, or thoughts. The paradox is that we can recognize ourselves as perfect while recognizing that we want to be more loving etc. Some people have trouble with the paradox as they want to go to one end or the other with it, but staying in the paradox is how we grow, because our very existence here is a paradox (human/spirit).

Accept who you are ... NOW ... in this moment. And accept others as they are. For when you accept ALL, you are confirming Truth and Unity with God, not illusion. When you judge yourself or others as not good enough, you are saying that God is not good enough. Which one do you want to affirm, because it is a choice between Heaven and hell?

Lawrence Doochin
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