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Saturday, February 03, 2018

If You Can't Hear God

If you are having trouble hearing God, you have to remove the static of the world. For a week turn off the TV and the radio and don't read the paper. Take a walk in the woods every day for that week, and you will begin to hear the real world, a world of Love.

There is man's world, a world of the ego where everything appears as separate, and God's Kingdom, which is the true world and one of Unity. When we are enmeshed in man's world, when we believe it is real, then it is less likely we can hear God and be aware of our Divine nature.

Everything is frequency and vibration. The vibration of man's world, is much lower --- heavy as in weighing us down --- depression, anxiety, darkness. The vibration of God's Kingdom is Light --- freeing, joyful, the peace that passes understanding.

The vibration of the natural and animal world is Light because it is part of God's Kingdom. The frequency coming from man's world --- the electronics, the placing of idols before him such as money or fame, is dark and dense. There is nothing wrong with having great financial abundance, but is that your identity versus having your identity in God? If you have great financial abundance, what do you do with it? Do you use it to help others?

When we know God's Kingdom, we recognize that we are One and we are Co-creators --- everything that happens to us individually and collectively is part of how we are fulfilling our roles as Co-creators here. We are not separate from anyone or anything, from any event or experience.

When we are enmeshed in man''s world, we believe that we can be victimized --- victims can't exist in God's Kingdom because we are collectively choosing as the One. In man's world, because we see ourselves as separate, we don't take responsibility for everything that happens and we try to fix things by blaming and judging others. We believe we are right and others are wrong. In God's Kingdom, "right" and "wrong" don't exist. It is only God having an experience of Himself/Herself through us, and no experience is better or more holy than another.

Man's world is one of fear. God's world is one of Love. You cannot straddle two worlds. Which will you choose?

Lawrence Doochin
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