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Monday, March 19, 2018

God Wants To Give Us Everything, Except The Lottery

God wants what we want. We were created out of Love so that He/She could know Himself/Herself. For when God is Love, ALL that exists, there needs to be an object of that Love and we are His Beloved.

So God expresses through us, and as we experience, He experiences. No experience is better or worse than another, regardless of the colored lens of beliefs and judgments that each of us applies to what happens to us. All experiences are all holy, all perfect, as this reality is just a learning field for experience and awakening.

So we decide as Spirit what we want to experience to come to a greater knowing of our Self, and then God puts this into motion by bringing those vehicles --- people and experiences to us.

What we desires at a Spirit level is far different than what we THINK we want. At a Spirit level, we desire those experiences which will help us become more aware of our divinity, our Unity, that we are Co-creators with God, that we are Love.

At an ego level most people just want more of something --- more money, more power, a better body, a better job, a better relationship, etc. The ego is never satisfied and lives in constant judgment of itself and others. It does not comprehend Unity and only sees separation. It does not comprehend what is happening at a level of Spirit.

So most people would say they want to win the lottery. What they really want is to experience themselves as Love, to have the fruits of the Kingdom including His joy and the peace that passes all understanding. But they are so far off from recognition of their divinity, they cannot get in touch with their true desires.

Nothing happens by coincidence. God gives us what we need. For most people that means they don't win the lottery, because if they did, they would never have to face the fact that their identity is tied to money (or looks, education, etc). And as we have discussed in other posts, money is only energy and is a part of God like everything else. It is not money that is the issue --- it is the love of money over God. Your identity is in God, not anything else!

Some people do win the lottery. It is likely that they win it because they are so obsessed with having money --- they think that this will "complete" them, that they are given what they want SO they can see that this is not what they wanted. How many times have you heard of people winning the lottery and saying that it messed their life up in so many ways?

God teaches us, shows us, through whatever means we need to understand. He is Love, so He is not trying to make it hard on us. But we make it hard on ourselves when we don't pay attention to the signs and we continue doing the same thing --- the definition of insanity is continuing to the same thing and expecting a different result.

Because we have asked to awaken and we are not listening to the more subtle hints, sometimes God has to up the ante and hit us with a big 2 x 4. Again, Love is all that exists, and what happens to us is not meant as punishment but as a splash of cold water to help us come to our senses.

Lawrence Doochin
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