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Thursday, March 15, 2018

"Seeing" God

When we are told "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God", we are being told of a spiritual seeing. This vision is not of the eyes --- it is of the heart.

Created in Love, by He who is Love, we "see" our Father through Love. This seeing is outside of time and space. It is infinite in scope and exists only in the eternal, holy Now.

We cannot understand anything through our intellect but only through our heart as God is Love, and we reside in the heart of God. We will always make the right decision, always come from a place of compassion and non judgment --- a place where fear cannot reside --- when we live with an open heart. Scientists have proven that the heart puts off a much larger electromagnetic field than the brain. This is the center of your Being!

Living from an open heart does not mean that we can't be hurt by the actions or words of another, or that we won't experience sadness, but it does mean that we live with a constant foundation of joy and gratitude --- even in the midst of that hurt or sadness. We can only experience joy and the peace that passes all understanding to the extent that we are willing to be vulnerable with an open and loving heart.

Lawrence Doochin
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