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Sunday, March 04, 2018

You Will Experience Fear ...

You will experience fear when you identify with something outside yourself.

For there is nothing outside your Self. We are One. This has been proven by science, and this is what has been spoken about by teachers from all spiritual and religious traditions. God is One means God is all there is, and you are inseparable from that Unity.

If you believe you are separate from anything, if you believe God is separate from you --- that God is in "Heaven" and you are here and these are separate places --- then fear is the only outcome. And then people look to allay their fear by things "outside" of themselves. If only my spouse would act this way, if only I had more money, if only my political party would take power, if only people would act more kindly, if only, if only, if only.

You can't solve fear by working within the paradigm that created it. It is a false paradigm, an illusion, a creation of an ego construct. It is not of God, not God's Kingdom. It is not who you are for you are Spirit, eternal, holy, God's perfect creation.

You cannot say you believe and trust in God and have one foot in His/Her Kingdom and one in the false world. You must be in the world --- and do all the things that are required with that such as being in relationships, helping spread His/Her Light through the gifts God gave you --- but not be of the world. Only by being in this world but not of it can you be the clear vessel through which God can truly use you to spread Love and be a Light to the world. For Jesus said I am the Light of the world, and so are you. This is what you are meant to be, what you already are --- you just don't realize it yet because of your beliefs which cover up this recognition.

Fear is not possible when you feel God's Presence. Where Love exists, fear cannot be. Love is ALL that exists --- where fear appears, it is just that, an appearance, and it is only held up by your belief in it. Release the believe in separation and fear, and all that remains is Love, is God, for that was ALL that was ever there.

Lawrence Doochin
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