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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Attachment and Fear

What do attachment and patience have to do with each other?

When you are attached to something or to a certain outcome you want to happen, you are saying that you prefer one thing over another --- you prefer the thing you are attached to over its opposite. When you do this, you are creating the appearance of separation, because God is All and there is no part of Him that is better than another (otherwise He would not be One and All that is).

In a certain sense, by being attached to something, we are raising it to a higher level than our desire for God. When we create the appearance of separation, this brings its buddy, fear.

There are different ways that fear is revealed, but one of them is the fear that you will not get the outcome you are attached to. You can want something to happen but not be attached to it in the sense that you raise it to a higher level than something else.

This reveals Unity and God, not separation. When you have full faith in and are present in Him, you can be patient, because you know that what you want will happen. The outcome is certain.

Lawrence Doochin
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