I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Although it will always be there, for it is your essence, don't take Love for granted. Enjoy every ounce of it.

We get caught up in so many details of life. We get mad and hold grudges. We withhold forgiveness. We judge ourselves and others. We see through very colored lens based on OUR belief system which has been formed through our experiences and the conditioning we incurred as a child --- from parents, from religion, from society's messed up values. But these are all false!

For you are Love. Be it. Show it. Feel it. If you are scared of doing that, push through it. When you have been walking in a deep rut of fear and judgment, you have to create a new path. And the only way you do this is by practicing continually. This forms new energy pathways in you --- actually it reawakens the true pathways of Love inside of you. You won't get it perfect to start, because falling down is part of the process of learning how to get it right, and it also makes you want it even more. When you hurt someone you love because you are not acting as Love, that is a great motivator to do it different the next time.

Life and God give you many, many, many opportunities to practice this, because this is what you came here for, this is what you asked for. We remember and recognize that we are Love. This is the Truth of your being --- it is just covered up by a false belief system that tells you that you are not lovable, that you have to achieve something to be valuable, that everyone is out to get you, that you are a victim, that the government or some other individual will give you what you need or help you get to Heaven, etc. etc. The ego thought system is very ingenious in its ways to fool us and keep us thinking we are victims, keep us thinking we have to look outside ourselves for who we are.

But it is pretty simple. We are Love, for we are One with God. Be that which you are, for you cannot NOT be something that you are. You can pretend to be something else, but that does not change reality --- thank God!

Lawrence Doochin
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