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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Fabric of Life

We are each part of the most amazing mosaic of existence, a coat of many colors. We exist as One Consciousness (God) but with an infinite number of expressions.

No expression is better or worse than another. Each flows with grandeur, holy and perfect in its form, regardless of how it appears to each of us who are looking through a colored lens based on our belief system. For behind appearances is Truth.

We must look past our belief system to the one ocean that has waves which come and go as temporary individual expressions, to the colors such as the many shades of blue and green and grey. It "appears" that a wave is separate, or that a certain stretch is blue, but these appearances are just that. They come and go --- the wave crests and then returns to the ocean; the blue sections fades with the weather or the tides. They all appear different, but they are still the one ocean.

Similarly, we are expressions of God while in this earth reality, but we "return" to Him. We don't really return, for we have never left Him, kid of like a ray of sun is not separate from its Source. But we are like the wave that expresses and then returns to the ocean where it becomes One with All. For even when we are expressing as that wave, we are still not separate.

The joy of God, of us, is in being that individual expression that becomes the coat of many colors. The ability to experience many expressions of Himself through and as each of "us." We can experience and be that joy if we see behind the appearance and know that our identity is much greater than the role we play.

Lawrence Doochin
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