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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why Do You Worry?

Why do we worry? We worry because we are not trusting in God. If we have full trust, then we are certain of the outcome, and there is no need to worry, correct?

Because we believe that we have sinned against God, we do not trust that He has our highest good and that He will take care of all of our needs.

Does He not know exactly what we need? Will He not give us the Kingdom if we only ask? He will, because we are the Kingdom --- we are One with Him --- and all the fruits of the Kingdom are our birthright.

How can we worry about something in the "future" that may or may not happen? Boy is that wasted energy. The future doesn't exist anyways, only the present moment does. Science has proven this. So we are reinforcing a paradigm that doesn't even exist. No wonder it causes great fear and anxiety.

By releasing your false beliefs that you have sinned against God, you are able to be in the present moment and feel His Presence. There can be no fear or worry there. Your "problems" don't exist in that space because you have Him --- you have everything you need to feel safe and secure.

Because you are safe and secure as Spirit, not as a body that is worrying about whether it will lose its job etc. Yes, you are Spirit in a body, and the body's needs have to be met, but if you know yourself as Spirit, if you expect and KNOW that God will provide, He will provide.

It's when you worry and see yourself only as a body that He can't help you because you have the power of Creation through what you think. What are you choosing to think? What are you choosing to focus your power on?

Lawrence Doochin

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