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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What You Push Away ...

What you push away is still a-part of you, for nothing is separate from you.

We try to hide those things we don't like about ourselves --- our memories, thoughts, actions, judgments, fears, shame, guilt, anger, lust, greed, etc. We try to stuff these things in the dark corners of our psyche and pretend they don't exist and we don't have to deal with them.

Or we try to push these things away by projecting them on to individuals, groups, nations, etc. Oh how easy it is to blame others instead of taking a look at ourselves and what we believe.

Trying to hide or deny it, trying to project it out --- both of these are completely unsuccessful. Of course, it appears that it can be successful, but that is just another way people fool themselves. And the world is full of people fooling themselves.

You can no more separate yourself from what you consider "dark" than a ray of sunshine can be separate from the sun. Nothing is separate from its Source. Nothing is separate from God. And you cannot know this Unity until you accept all that arises in you, what you consider the "good" and the "bad." These are in quotation marks, because ultimately it is all good for it is all of God. You just assign "negative" connotations to it based on YOUR belief system and how you see yourself, the world, and God. And this is completely unique for each individual. It is just how you temporarily see yourself and your place in existence; it is not who you really are.

Dark corners exist in your psyche only to the extent you have given them belief. But just like the idea of hell, when the belief supporting it is removed, what appeared as contrast to the Light falls away, because the Light is ALL that exists. In order to know that Light within yourself, you must bring everything you hate, suppress, project, to the surface and be willing to really look at it. When it is exposed to the Light, it can only do one thing --- transform. And then you have the power of Heaven that Jesus and so many others have told us is within.

Lawrence Doochin
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