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Monday, June 18, 2018

Existence Is A Paradox

The paradox is that your shadow parts --- those parts you consider evil and hate --- can't be transformed until you recognize them at a conscious level.

You are whole, complete, filled with the one Light of God, so these shadow parts don't really exist, but as long as you suppress them, they exist through your belief.

You think that by pushing them into a dark corner of your psyche, they are taken care of and have gone away, but the paradox is that they "won't go away" until you recognize your belief in them by bringing that belief to the surface.

Also, because we are One, we are subject to all of the "negative" and evil that exists in the collective consciousness. So we will have "negative" thoughts such as anger, greed, need for punishment, etc. We need to have compassion on ourselves and let these pass through us, not entraining with them or condemning ourselves for having them.

A paradox is two seeming opposites existing at the same time. The way "out of" the paradox is to accept it as it is --- this is the acceptance of All, as God is All. Unit has no exceptions, no breaks. Everything is contained within Unity.

Lawrence Doochin
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