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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Labels Lead To False Vision

We live in a world of differences. Rather, we live in a world with the appearance of differences.

Our eyes automatically categorize and label everything we see. We don't do that according to some concrete "reality" of what exists. We do it according to our belief system, to our conditioning, and what we WANT to see that will reinforce what we believe. Consciously or unconsciously (this the vast majority), we put out there what we are looking for, and this is what is brought to us -- that is the creative power we have as One with God. 

So we each live in our own "reality" based on this belief system, and this can and does change as our beliefs change --- and they change every moment. Can anything this unstable be of God?

Science has proven that only one undifferentiated but unified energy field, one Consciousness, exists. This is what is meant by God is One. So the differences we see are only an appearance.

Unfortunately, the vast majority believe in these differences and use them for comparison. In many cases they are used to justify hate, judgment, projection, punishment, greed. Witness how with almost every thought you are classifying, judging, comparing.

Instead, why don't we all see each other as ice cream :)
You are vanilla and another person is chocolate. Another is Tutti Frutti. Would you condemn someone because they like Tutti Frutti? Would you say they are not as good a person than someone who likes chocolate?

Appreciate the differences ... WHILE recognizing that we are One. It goes much farther than all of us being human, although this is important. We are all Spirit. God expresses through each of us the same. He/She loves each of us the same. He does not judge any of us because He would be judging Himself --- how insane is that? He/She is having an experience of Himself/Herself, as Love, through and as us.

So your judgments, your labels, your classifications, don't really make sense in the way that you make them try to be something they are not. They are not real. Only Unity is Real. Your eyes will continue to see differences, but your heart will "see" the Truth of that other person. And when you are able to do that, then you can see the Truth about your Self.

Lawrence Doochin
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