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Monday, June 04, 2018

There Is A Reason ...

There is a reason eternally optimistic people have "good" things happen to them.

Thought is creative. This is how we were created by God --- we are a Love thought in the Mind of God (how cool is that?). So what we think, we create. What we think, we become. What we think, we manifest --- this is the law of the Universe.

But we are not meant to just manifest "stuff." This misses the whole point of why we are here. We can enjoy the material abundance, but it is the Love, peace, and joy abundance that we really want. It is the Beloved relationship, the holy communion with God that we really want. Because this is the purpose of our creation ... for God to have an experience of Himself/Herself as Love through, in, and as us.

Those who are eternally optimistic know this at some level, even if they don't recognize it consciously. They know that this reality is just a place of remembrance, that we are not the roles we play, that we are not here to accumulate stuff, not here to see from eyes of the ego and separation --- this is how evil occurs. This reality is a blip on an eternal radar where All is "good" --- it can only be good because it is All God.

Jesus said you have to be like a little child to enter Heaven because it is that innocence and eternal optimism, the fun/laughter/joy, that we really are. Being eternally optimistic means living in our true state and using the "system" as it is intended to create a life of miracles and magic.

Lawrence Doochin
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