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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Above Your Belief System

It is really simple. It's your belief system that blocks your recognition of God.

So you say that you can't live without a belief system. But what you don't realize is that your beliefs are your own. Comparison, judgment, perception --- these are all attributes of an ego mind formed from your experiences and conditioning. These are not universally held.

Further, when you believe in a certain thing, you automatically don't believe in its counterpart. God is ALL. Thus you are setting up a system where you see separation, not the Unity that underlies all.

The stronger someone holds beliefs, the more separation they see in the world and themselves, the more fear they feel, etc. Your beliefs are perceptions you hold, not Truth. They change every moment as new info enters in, thus there is no absolute.

You have to rise above the belief system to know Truth. And yes, you can operate in this world above a belief system --- that's what Jesus did --- in this world but not of it. Being in the world but not of it means we have preferences -- we like strawberry ice cream instead of chocolate, and it means we use discernment, not judgment. Judgment condemns. Discernment sees the actions or words of another as not being in alignment with God but still loves and has compassion. Being in the world but not of it means we know at a deep experiential level that we are Spirit awakening in a body based reality.

Lawrence Doochin
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