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Friday, July 27, 2018

Judgment Leads To Perceived Separation

Here is how it goes. You have a certain thought, action, or non action which you judge yourself for. For the vast majority of people, this judgment is unconscious. When you judge yourself, this makes you feel separate from God. Of course, we are One with Him, and nothing can change that, but our belief creates the appearance that we are separate.
If we believe that we have done something to separate from God, we judge that, which leads to more perceived separation, more judgment. This all started with the one thought, action, or non action which we had and judged ourselves for. It doesn't matter what that was and to what degree --- it could have been something as simple as judging the fact that we didn't feel like going to the grocery because we were tired.
Most people live in a continuous cycle of self judgment. The only way to stop this cycle is to witness your thoughts, recognize the self judgment, and bring His Presence in to your awareness. Where He is, Oneness is self evident, and self judgment does not exist.
Lawrence Doochin
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