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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Release Limitations

The Bible talks about people who lived to 900 or 1000 years old. Our society thinks that 100 years is old now.

You have the body of Christ. You are eternal! God expresses through you. Do you no think that you can live as long as you choose? Your physical body is created by your spirit, just as Jesus created a new body when he resurrected.

The reason our physical bodies decay is that we BELIEVE in limitations and that decay, sickness, and death are possible. What you believe in creates your experience. Remember, there are no limitations. You are One with God who is eternal and endless.

When you speak of God, you don't speak of limitations, so don't do it when you speak of yourself and others. Don't think or speak about yourself in reference to a limitation as this reinforces something which is false. Temporarily, you may be sick or handicapped, but this is something you are just experiencing, not who you are.

This applies to every limitation you think about yourself, such as thinking you are not smart, not confident, not capable, not lovable, not pretty. You do this to keep yourself in a prison cell of your own making. Are you afraid of your own divinity?

Lawrence Doochin
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