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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Take Responsibility

There a lot of angry people in the world. You can not only hear it and see it, but you can feel it.

That anger comes from several potential sources, and it is important for you to identify why you are angry. But behind most almost all anger is fear.

Many --- actually a large majority -- are angry, are fearful, because their "perfect" world is being turned upside down. These are the people who see from a two hearted perspective. They blame someone or something --- a political party, a race, a boss, their spouse --- for creating the issue. It is always about coming from a victim mentality and blaming something or someone "outside" of themselves.

But we are One, and we are Co-creating with God. He/She has given us free will, and collectively we have created the world we see. So instead of blaming, instead of judgment which reinforces the illusion of separation versus the Truth of Unity, take responsibility and stop blaming others.

That person or group you hate so much and want to vilify is a part of you/God and is as holy as you are, for only Oneness exists. This does not mean you don't speak up in certain situations, but you do it from a space of Love and compassion, from forgiveness, knowing that ignorance of our divinity is what has created the world we live in.

This is the one hearted way. God is speaking to each of us, in constant communion, giving us experiences and relationships that will awaken us to our greater Self. Unfortunately, many are resisting and have chosen not to awaken, thus their anger serves no purpose except to divide and take us away from Truth.

But many are listening and awakening, yearning to return to a recognition and remembrance of their Love relationship with God --- for we are His Beloved. They are attempting to live in the one hearted way, and this takes great courage.

Living in the one hearted way means that you will often have anger arise, but this is a good thing as it brings awareness and signs pointing you to take certain actions or drop certain beliefs. To be in the world but not of it, to live as Jesus did --- and he said we would do greater things than him --- we must drop what is false. This means those beliefs about ourselves and God that are not true and do not serve us.

This is both an emotional and spiritual healing. Our healing happens in spirals and we often come back to the same issue many times until we have cleared out that belief. Each of us has been uniquely conditioned by our experiences. We each have a different story, thus our healing path is different, and God knows the best way and timing for each of us. We only need to trust in that.

As these beliefs come up to be released, we are fearful of that change and not being safe. And anger is what masks this fear. But joy and the peace that passes all understanding lies behind these beliefs. If you are awakening to your greater reality, you will also have anger that others are burying their head in the sand, turning their face from God, anger over a separation mentality where greed and money have become people's God, anger over the destruction of Mother Earth.

For what is done to another or done to a part of God, is done to you. Have compassion on yourself for your anger. It is a part of living in this reality. Don't run from it or suppress it or engage with it more than just being aware of it. And love it, for we must love all parts of ourselves, especially the parts we judge.

Someone asked Mother Teresa if she would go to an anti war rally, and she said no, but she would attend a peace rally. She understood that we cannot be against anything. Since it is all God, we must be FOR something.

Be for honoring of the Earth versus against the companies destroying it. Be for unity of government versus taking sides. For God is everything, even the greed and destruction and the evil --- nothing can be separate from God. Only by accepting all can we help others remember their Unity, which will then create the one hearted world of Unity that is our true reality.

When the beliefs that are behind the illusion fall away, Truth is revealed, because it was all that was there to start with.

Lawrence Doochin
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