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Sunday, September 16, 2018

How The Ego Maintains Its Existence

When you decide that you are better or more special than another person or group, you have fallen into the ego trap of comparison.

That is how the ego justifies its existence and feels better about itself --- "well, I may not have the money or intelligence or looks of that person, but I am better than that slob over there." Or "I am more spiritually advanced than her."

You are special in the sense that you are One with God and you are very holy, but you are not special in the ego view that you are better than others. The ego has to cut down others to feel better about itself. Love does not need to compare, because Love knows that All is One. Thus you are only looking at another part of God, of your Self.

Love rejoices in the Unity. There is no fear because comparison is meaningless. As you tune yourself into this field of Love, into who you really are, that aspect of you becomes "louder." For most people, the only voice they hear is that of the ego, and they think that is reality, when it is only a small part of them.

Truth is always there, just as the sun is always behind the clouds. How much you allow Love to shine through depends on your will. Does your will become God's Will?

This means that you must always focus yourself in gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion. You are given an infinite number of opportunities to do that through the experiences that Life brings. Pay attention! God is asking you to remember in every moment. It is work .... but is is the most holy work you can do. In fact, it is the only reason you are here at this time on Earth.

Lawrence Doochin
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