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Sunday, September 30, 2018

It Is Time ...

God would not be much of a God if He wants you to fear Him. God would not be much of a God if He sees what you see as sins as anything other than illusory errors. He would not be much of a God if He wants to punish you, for Love loves.

You are One with Him, and He expresses through you --- why would He punish Himself? If you see God in these ways, and most people walking this planet do, then you are assigning human, ego based qualities to Him.

He is not your human parent --- He is your Divine one. You formed a false concept of God as a child with parents or caretakers who were human and who could not love unconditionally. And now it is the time to drop what is false and accept your holiness, accept that you are a Cocreator and He has given you the Kingdom. This was the message Jesus was giving us.

Lawrence Doochin
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