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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

In Christ's Name?

When you pray for something in Christ's name, what does that mean? Christos means Love in Greek. Jesus became the Christ, He became Love, through his remembrance and recognition that he had never left Oneness with God.

You can pray to Jesus, and that will always be effective, but if you pray in Christ's name, you are praying in, within and to Love. When you pray in Christ's name, you are also praying to Jesus, because he is One with Christ, as are you. When you pray in Christ's name, you are reinforcing that which you are --- Love.

If you really want something to happen but you are fearful of it not happening, then you are drawing the fear to you, and it won't happen. To put it another way, you are giving the power of your thought to believing you will not have it happen. It is like giving gas to the car when in reverse instead of drive.

To make something happen, feel the gratitude that it has already happened. In reality, once you think it, it has already happened because time and space are not fixed as we perceive them. Everything is happening in the now, and everything is created by thought, so once you think it, it has truly happened. Gratitude for it already being done is the water and fertilizer that makes the thought seed pop its head above ground and manifest into a seedling.

The above assumes that what you want does not run contrary to what you have chosen at a level of Spirit. For as Spirit, you have chosen to come to this Earth reality to remember and recognize who you are as a part of God. And when you do this, you are given the fruits of the Kingdom --- peace, Love, and joy --- which is all you could ever want.

But this abundance encompasses many earthy needs such as money, fulfilling relationships and jobs, etc. So these are things you need and want, but don't place them above God.

Lawrence Doochin
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