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Monday, October 15, 2018

The Quickest Way To God

The quickest way to God --- release all self judgment.

The first step in this process is to become aware of your self judgment. For most this self judgment runs underneath the surface like a computer virus.

You have "hidden" these thoughts, because you believe that they would literally kill you if they were revealed, to yourself, and to God. For you think that you have hidden knowledge of your "sins" from God by hiding them from you conscious mind. This is a very tangled web of illusion most people are operating under, but the Light of awareness dissolves these tangled webs immediately.

If we allow ourselves to become aware of our constantly running program of self judgment, this awareness will begin to see it for what it is --- not of God and false. How do we start this? Realize that your judgment of others, individuals or groups, is always a projection of your self judgment. Pull that projection back in, feel the self judgment, and give it to God.

For when we give it to God, we acknowledge that we don't want it any more, that it no longer serves a purpose for us and that it is not who we are as a part of Him.

Lawrence Doochin
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