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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We Must Break The Cycle

It is not what you achieve in life that matters, it is how kind you are. It is not what you achieve, it is how loving and compassionate you are. It is not what you achieve, it is how much you recognize your divinity, how much God shines through you as you have gotten YOURSELF out of the way. Recognizing the above is the only way you will experience the fruits of the Kingdom -- Love, peace, and joy.

God does not judge us -- He/She only loves us. But we come to a fuller experience of Him/Her, of ourselves as Him, through an open heart. For we are Love, as is He.

So God does not care what we achieve for there is nothing to achieve. We are already complete and perfect in Him, already holy beyond measure. There is nothing for us to prove through our job, our relationships, our experiences. These only serve as vehicles for our remembrance -- our remembrance that we are Love, that we are already kind and compassionate, regardless of appearances.

For appearances deceive, but Truth remains. The Sun is not altered by the clouds, only temporarily covered up. Our divinity is not altered by our ego covering -- it only appears this is the case and then we forget that we are Divine. And then we think we are not kind and loving, have "bad" thoughts or take "bad" actions, and then we self judge and feel guilty or ashamed. So we must break this cycle and realize who we are. This is our holy task.

Lawrence Doochin
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