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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Anger Through Love

Anger can be expressed through your false self (ego) or through Love.

Just because it is anger does not mean that it is not an expression of Love, because Love is All. The vast majority of people get angry from their false self. They sound like they are five years old and not getting their way, and this is true in a lot of instances as they have not become adults emotionally.

When Jesus was angry at the money changers, his anger came through Love. The Love, the teaching that he needed to express, came best through anger in that instance. It was the best vehicle to get the teaching received.

But his anger was in no way demeaning or hurtful to a particular individual or group. He had no regrets about getting angry, whereas there are often regrets for what is said when anger is not expressed through Love.

The next time you get angry at someone, while you are angry, think about how what you want to express is best said so that it is not hurtful or demeaning to that person.

Lawrence Doochin

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