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Monday, January 21, 2019

What Does It Mean To Be Self-less?

Think of an apple tree that is full of bountiful apples. The tree gives in two ways. First, it gives apples for humans and animals to have immediate abundance. Second, it creates future abundance through its seeds.

In the DNA of the tree is the drive to procreate, and this same drive exists in all living things, including in you. Releasing its bounty does not hurt the tree. In fact, it helps the tree to grow bigger and stronger for the next season.

How does this relate to you? Your true nature is self-less. When you give selflessly, you are giving immediate abundance, and you are giving future abundance. The Love that you give does not end with the person that you give it to. That person will give it on, and it keeps extending and extending, like a ripple on a pond. The immediate abundance is the Love that is received by the first person, the stone first making a splash, while the future abundance is the ripples extending outward.

It is in your DNA to procreate through the giving of Love. This is who you are. Our creation, by Love, and out of Love, is re-experienced every time you toss that stone into the pond. As there is less of self (selfless), there is more of an empty container through which Love can flow and extend outward.

Lawrence Doochin

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