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Monday, January 14, 2019

What God Needs

God does not need much from us. Only our willingness.

We think that we can and do need to help Him, but He only needs us to get out the way and let Him work miracles in our life. For everything we try to add to Him -- takes away what He can do.

This is classic ego thinking, that we need to control things -- that we can even be in control -- that is a good laugh. For we are nothing without Him, and the sooner we acknowledge this, the sooner our life moves with ease.

We must become a clear vessel through which God works. He opens the doors, shows us the way, brings those people and situations into our life which will create the highest good and give us happiness. And we only need to pay attention, to walk through the door, to be His hands and feet to follow through.

But if we are not willing to acknowledge that we know nothing, that we are not in control, not willing to give up how we want to do it, then He cannot help us. For He cannot take away our false beliefs and our will, as that is why He gave us free will.

But our will is really His Will as He is all that exists and thus, His Will is all that exists. It can look otherwise, but that is part of the illusion of separation. Appearances do not make for reality. We are coming back to a remembrance that only His Will exists, and that Will brings us His joy, His peace, His Love, His protection.

So remember that God only needs your willingness to drop false beliefs, to heal, to listen to Him and follow that guidance even when it is something you don't want to do.

Lawrence Doochin

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