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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Smelling The Roses Means More ....

Stopping to smell the roses means much more than slowing down or appreciating the beauty in things.

Being present, being in the moment, means that we have connected and are part of the River of Life. We actually can't NOT be part of the flow, but our ego minds are always in the past or the future and it appears that the present moment is elusive -- when it is ALL that actually exists.

When we are in the present moment, we feel and become One with the Love that is. We communicate through the language of Love, which is the language of God. So with a flower, we see a reflection of the Love that we are, as the flower, in its unique consciousness, sees itself as Love through us. This is the reflection of God meeting God, which is available in each experience, with each person, with each part of God --- if we only look for it in each instance.

So slowing down and smelling the roses always us to drop in this space of Unity, of awe, of gratitude, of beauty and Love. But there is more, as a flower teaches us about the nature of Life.

Flowers do not need to boast their beauty. It is self evident, as our divinity is self evident unless we cover it up with false beliefs. Flowers give beauty and joy to others without asking anything in return. This is how the Kingdom of God operates and how we are meant to walk in the world from a space of giving Love endlessly.

A flower will "die," showing us that everything of this world is temporal and cannot be held on to. And our experiences in a body are the same. But what is expressed in the field of Love is eternal, as this is what God and Creation is. Anything that adds to Love is recorded forever, so the flower giving of itself will always exist as a part of Creation. Since we are Love, we exist eternally, and our acts of Love are our creations. Like ripples on a pond, they extend throughout the Universe and create new seeds of Love, furthering Creation and allowing God to come to know Himself through His Creation at deeper and deeper levels.

Lawrence Doochin
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