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Monday, March 04, 2019

You Are Okay!

We are in the midst of great change, and this is reflected in the world and in ourselves. We are being brought into a new spiritual reality, which means the old dies off, and the new is born. Unfortunately, the old dying off can be painful as many want to cling to the old ways because of fear, or power, or evil intention, etc.

God is asking each of us to release the false within us, because we can't carry this baggage in to the new paradigm. Literally, we must be reborn in our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical makeup. We are remembering who we truly are --- Divine vehicles through which God expresses and has an experience of Himself in human form.

Each of us has different beliefs which are false and don't serve us, and these beliefs are being brought to the surface, not to punish us for God is a God of Love, but to help us become aware of them so we can KNOW that this is not true. It is likely that as we become aware of these beliefs, releasing them will bring up a lot of fear, but we must push through the fear and release them anyways --- and trust that what is on the other side is much better. And I can assure you that it is so much better because when the false is gone, only God remains. And you have the gifts of the Kingdom --- peace, joy, and Love.

Unfortunately, many choose to ignore what is coming up in them, medicate it to not feel it, blame others or get defensive and try to project it on to others, etc. But the only way through it is to become aware of it, quickly acknowledge it and feel it, and then give it to God.

Giving it to God means bringing His Presence into the what you feeling. This is the only way to heal it, to transmute it from something "negative" to something "positive" that will help the world. Because it is only energy that is arising within you and is "tainted" by a negative belief. It can be turned into something very positive for you and the world.

You are okay! This Truth cannot change, for you are One with God and ALL that is. Even if your body "dies," the true essence of who you are lives on, eternally. Living this reality will bring you the peace that passes all understanding and make your "problems" seem minuscule.

Knowing and feeling your Unity, feeling God's Presence in you, is the only thing you need. Everything else, all answers and directions you need to take, flow from that place. Your task is to ask to be shown where you hold false beliefs, and then --- very important --- you must be willing to look at these beliefs and release them.

No one said it would be easy; in fact, if you are really working on yourself, it can be hard. But where you are going into the new reality, where you are going into holy communion with Him, is like a light at the end of the tunnel that will embrace you with everything you have always wanted.

Lawrence Doochin
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