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Saturday, March 02, 2019

You Cannot ...

You cannot come to know God unless you come to know your Self.

You cannot know God as Love unless you know yourself to be Love. You cannot know yourself to be love unless you know yourself as lovable. Does this sound too simple? Not really, as most people do not feel that are lovable. If you don't feel yourself as lovable, you will not accept Love from others or God -- or yourself.

You cannot know yourself as lovable unless you examine the beliefs behind why you feel that you are not lovable. This takes courage, patience, perseverance, and a strong Will to heal that which is false in you. You must overcome your fears and take a look at your belief system, where it was formed, and why you took it on from your parents, authority figures, society, etc. Only when you have the courage to bring these false beliefs into the Light, to feel the grief or anger or shame or guilt that is connected with these beliefs, can you then release the beliefs.

When your computer is not operating optimally, you find and delete the virus. This is what you must do with your psyche. Only then can you come to know yourself as Love and feel God's Presence within you.

Lawrence Doochin
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