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Thursday, April 11, 2019

A God Other Than Love?

How did we end up with the idea that God could ever be anything other than Love. How could anyone possibly call Him Love but then also see Him as judgmental and punishing?

We frame God in the same way we see ourselves and the world. If we are fearful, then we will fear God ... and the Devil and whatever group or person we think is out to get us, etc. See how it works? It is a flawed system of thinking.

This is not to say that evil doesn't exist, because it does, and in this reality, it is trying to influence many people, especially those whose Light shines brightest. But darkness cannot touch the Light. If you know yourself to be the Light, then you don't live in fear because you know yourself, as a part of God, to be Love. And nothing can change or hurt Love, for that is our true unalterable essence.

Jesus said I am the Light of the world --- this was just a statement of fact. You are the Light of the world too, because you are not separate. This is what Jesus came to show us. He "died" not for our sins, but to tell us that sin does not exist. In Aramaic, the language spoken in the Bible, sin does not mean something immutable. It means error. God knows that we will make errors, and He asks only that we try to learn from those errors and not repeat them.

This is what Love, not judgment, asks. Love overlooks. Judgment condemns. We are Spirit having a human experience, but the fact that it "appears" that we have bodies does not change the fact that we are Spirit. Science has proven that only one unified field of energy exists --- that nothing is actually physical -- and we are not separate from that. This is what is meant by God is One --- God is everything there is. Science does not run counter to Spirit or Truth --- it actually supports and proves it.

Our Spirit exists in many realities, again something science has proven with the knowledge that there are many dimensions. This is what Jesus meant when he said there are many rooms in my Father's house. So this "reality" is just a very small slice of your ultimate reality. Don't get caught up in thinking Heaven and Earth are two physical places and one is separate from another. Nothing is separate. And nothing is as it appears.

Don't put God in a box or have a rigid belief system which you don't allow new information to enter in to. Don't look to any person or organization or book to tell you who you are. These things can sometimes point the way, but you must discover your divinity and the Truth of your being yourself. And you only need to look inside yourself to find the answers.

Jesus said the Kingdom is within you. So God is Love, infinite expansiveness, and we come to remember God, remember our divinity, commune with Him, through Love and compassion, not fear and judgment. God does not understand fear. He only knows Love. When we drop the false beliefs and the fear, He is there, because He was never not there.

Lawrence Doochin
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