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Friday, April 19, 2019

How Does God Awaken Us?

Through everything!

If you think that God is only speaking to you or teaching you some of the time, then you are seeing partiality and through eyes of separation. But God is One, God is All, and that means NOTHING else exists. Unity must be your perspective. So there cannot be a time that God is not present in and through you, not a time that He is not in communion with you and speaking and teaching you.

This means that everything that happens to you --- your relationships, your minor encounters with others, your dreams, the way the sun filters through the trees, the animal that comes across your path, the project or business you were guided to do --- everything serves as a vehicle to awaken you.

When you start to pay attention to this, the real change can occur, IF you allow it and go with the path God lays out for you to release false beliefs and heal. For we all hold false beliefs that prevent us from seeing our divinity. If we follow the healing path, and we should because God has only our highest good and only He knows what that is, then we will reach a point where our life will begin to flow with great ease and we will inherit the fruits of the Kingdom --- peace, joy, Love, and abundance.

For He wants to give it all to us. But we must get ourselves out of the way by releasing what is false so only what is true (God) remains. Don't make the mistake of thinking that any relationship or business that will help the world is the most important thing. It is secondary, always a vehicle for your healing. Because you are here to come back to a remembrance and recognition of your divinity and everything only serves to help you do that.

If it is something like a business or healing work that can also help others and the world, that is great, but it first serves you in your healing, and it is not likely to get off the ground if you are not doing your healing work and also releasing ego (what it can do for me) around it.

God wants to get us each to a point where our identity solely rests in Him and not anything outside of ourselves like other's opinions about us. For we are very holy and divine, but unfortunately many do not see themselves in this way.

Lawrence Doochin
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