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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Nothing Is Separate

Why do your choices or desires not always manifest for you?

The first question to ask is at what level are you choosing. If you choose at a superficial and conscious ego level, you are choosing within a dream of separation and false beliefs, and you are not choosing with the true creative power that comes from being One with God. Even these "conscious" desires, such as wanting to be wealthy, will be overridden by unconscious beliefs you hold, such as you are not worthy of receiving abundance.

Often you will see conflicting results manifesting as you have contradictory beliefs you hold. Going even deeper, there are choices you have made at an individualized expression of Spirit level. These are experiences and relationships you have chosen that you want to accomplish in this dream so that you can move to a greater remembrance of your divinity.

If someone close to you has a terminal illness or is injured horribly and you pray for their recovery, their illness and death may be what they have chosen and may be what you have chosen to experience in a relationship with them. So while your prayers may have an effect, it will not change what has been chosen at a deeper or more real level.

Ultimately, all choices interplay within the Oneness. We are One. There is only the body of God, and all that happens is for the highest good of all parts within the whole. No choices or experiences happen independent of another.

Lawrence Doochin
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