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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Saying Goodbye And Separation

When we have a hard time saying goodbye to someone ---- whether that be for a short or extended period, a lifetime for someone whom we will not see again, or for someone who has died --- we are feeling the great sadness we have over our belief that we are separate from God.

Every time we feel this sadness, we are recreating this moment when we believed that we were no longer One with Him. When we realize this is a false belief, not only is His Presence always there, but we live in a sea of Unity. And we know that we can never be separate from any part of Him.

We are eternal and One, and separation and death are only appearances in this false world. We are not physical bodies that appear to be separate and appear to be "born" and go back to dust. Through the power of your thought and the knowing and joy that comes from your recognition of your Self as part of the Kingdom, you can connect with anyone who is "apart" from you, either by "distance" or "death."

Lawrence Doochin
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