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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Is Judgment Possible?

Do you realize how much you judge everything and how this creates a belief in separation?

Judgment is not possible in Unity. It is only possible in the false state of separation. When you judge something, you automatically put it above something else. So you are creating hierarchies which don;t exist.

In the reality we have the appearances of differences, but this is God revealing Himself/Herself/Itself in an infinite number of forms. No form is better than another.

We have preferences here -- for instance you may like steak and like chicken. But these are not judgments. Similarly, we can see someone who is doing something that is not good for them or the whole, but we do not have to judge them as "bad" or "sinful", because this is saying that God is this way --- for they are God, as are you. This is discernment, not judgment.

Watch how often you make even the most minor of judgments, and it will surprise you. If you begin to witness this and make a change in the moment, this will open up Heaven for you.

Lawrence Doochin
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