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Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Outcome Is Guaranteed

This is not a magic world like Heaven. In Heaven, we can think it and it instantly manifests. Here, we are God's hands and feet, so we have to do the work ....

But it is the work of preparing the dinner and setting the table, and then God brings the people to dinner. There is no need to worry, for when we trust in God, we know that it will happen. Those who are certain can afford to be patient for they know the outcome is guaranteed.

We only need to set the table and give God our willingness, and then He does the rest. In fact, if we try to assist him more than preparing the meal and setting table, more than responding to welcome those who sent an rsvp, we impede His ability to bring the people to dinner. For of ourselves, we are nothing. It is this recognition that opens the gates of Heaven on earth and brings you the fruits of the Kingdom.

Work the details but don't sweat them, because God has it.

Lawrence Doochin
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