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Friday, June 21, 2019

Reclaiming Lost Parts

There is nothing more holy than reclaiming lost parts of yourself. This is why whole and holy are so similar. This reclamation appears as both the emotional and spiritual, although these are also the same because God is Love and we come back to Him through the emotions.

We cannot be fully authentic unless we are whole and we have reintegrated with those parts we temporarily dissociated with. Often a child who has undergone some type of traumatic experience such as sexual or physical abuse, or even a child who did not feel loved by his or her parents, will dissociate in order to survive. The guilt, shame, anger, fear, grief, etc cannot be safely felt and expressed at that time and that eight year old or thirteen year old is "left behind."

When that person is an adult, the child with unresolved emotional issues is calling greatly for attention and you often see their uncontrolled anger, sadness, etc coming to the surface like boiling water spilling over the top of a pot. This child is looking to reintegrate and become whole through proper expression of these original emotions and through the adult self coming back to nurture and love him or her.

Similarly, we have dissociated with spiritual aspects of ourselves. Because we believe we have sinned against God, we have unsuccessfully tried to shield ourselves from feeling that guilt and the fear that God will punish us. We are here on the Earth at this time to work through these false beliefs, and we primarily do that through our relationships with others, as they act like mirrors for us.

The miracle is that as we work on our emotional reintegration, we are also working on our spiritual reintegration --- there is only one becoming whole. The "adult self" that nurtures the left behind child is God.

Lawrence Doochin
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