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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

What Is Behind Fear?

What is behind fear? What is behind anger, guilt, shame? And what is behind "positive" emotions like Love, joy, gratitude, etc?

We don't really need to examine why we feel Love or joy, because these are working for us! These are the emotions/attributes we share with God and we receive from being part of the Kingdom. This is our true nature.

Unfortunately, a majority of people don't operate from this consciousness. It is the "negative" emotions we want to look behind, because we don't want to live our life in continual fear or anger. Not only are these detrimental to our physical, emotional, and mental health, they are not part of our Spirit. Yes, they exist, but only in this reality, not in Heaven. And you do not have to live in this reality with continual fear or anger.

Behind all emotions are beliefs. Look behind the emotion and ask what is the belief that upholds that emotion. Your reactions can always be traced back to a thought or train of thoughts, often running at a deep level like a virus on a computer. These thoughts/beliefs originate from life --- especially childhood ---experiences.

We believe something false about ourself to the extent it becomes our very existence and reality. We create false personas and worlds to uphold these false beliefs because we fear facing what we see as the dark shadows in ourselves. We fear that God will see our "sins" and punish them. We fear that others will discover that we are putting on a show, that we are this little nothing peon, the emperor without any clothes.

We are in a time when we must witness and heal, because we are all rapidly evolving individually and collectively. God is calling each of us. The path is up to you. You must choose Love or fear, and I can tell you that you don't want to choose fear, anger, projection of blame, because it will not take you down a pleasant path.

In order to make the choice for Love, you must summon your courage, be a spiritual warrior, be willing to look at those false beliefs and face them ... and release them. Only by releasing what is false in you can you find the diamond that was always there. Only by releasing what is false can you fully know your Unity and His Love.

When you know your Unity, fear cannot be present, because He is all that is present. And where Love is, fear cannot be.

Lawrence Doochin
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