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Friday, July 26, 2019

How Bad Do You Want The Change?

Is there an emotional pattern you keep repeating within yourself or your relationships that you want to stop? Once you have recognized that this pattern is unhealthy and is limiting you, you must first DESIRE that this be removed at all cost.

Some people have to suffer the consequences and distress of this pattern many times, basically hitting rock bottom, while others can recognize it early on --- you don't have to suffer --- it is your resistance to releasing it which creates suffering.

Once you desire releasing it above all else, you GIVE it to God and ASK for His help. It is critical that when we want to release something, we acknowledge that of ourselves we are nothing. God does the heavy lifting.

But the next step is where many retreat, as we must be WILLING to follow whatever path God shows us to release this pattern. Sometimes it may be as easy as He takes it. But often we have to release the false beliefs that held the pattern in place, and this often means experiencing grief, anger, etc. You can't clear the pattern without complete willingness.

Lawrence Doochin

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