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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Give Your Light

When you are an adult, you have the capacity to self nurture and to understand your relationship with God in a much deeper way than you do as a child. As an adult, whether you follow them or not, God gives you the tools to heal and to bring you closer to Him.

For many children it is about survival. They do not have the awareness to understand why their parents or other adults would abuse them emotionally, sexually, or physically. If you have been through that type of experience as a child, you understand the deep sadness that accompanies this type of situation.

All of us have known or seen kids that are in horrible situations. Even if it is only for a brief instant, be a light in that child's life. Maybe it is only a smile, but let them know of God's presence through you. Give them something that tells them there is good and joy outside of this horror they are in.

Teach your children and grandchildren that it is the child who is ostracized and excluded, or the child who acts out at school who is most in need of their friendship and Love. We are meant to live a life filled with joy, not sadness. We cannot make this journey back to God alone. Until each of us lives this joy filled life, our work is not done.

Lawrence Doochin


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