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Monday, August 05, 2019

How Do We Solve The World's Problems?

You cannot solve a problem in the illusion with an answer from the illusion. Albert Einstein said you cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness in which is was created.

For instance, world hunger and poverty can't be solved by giving people food or wealth on a long term basis. On a short term basis, if someone is hungry, we should feed them as this is what Love does, what Jesus did.

But we need to raise the consciousness around giving, around the false belief that there is not enough (a tenet of separation), the belief that we are not responsible for our brothers and sisters.

When someone gives, they are often giving out of guilt that they have more, or they are giving because they believe that this will help atone for their "sins" and get them in to Heaven. So they have a perspective of separation where they can transfer abundance to other bodies. We can only "solve" these "problems" when we see that we are One, not separate bodies in a dream.

Lawrence Doochin

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