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Thursday, August 29, 2019

What Jesus Said

The meek shall inherit the Earth. Why do you give your power away to those outside of you? Why do you look to the government, groups, religious authorities, movie stars, etc to "save" you? For you might say that God or Jesus is the one to "save" you, but when you listen to anyone else over your own God Self, you are looking to something outside of you to save you.

You think that these people or organizations are there for you, but in the large majority of cases, they are operating from ego and advancing their own interests, their need to be affirmed and adulated. And then it becomes follow the herd mentality --- even if the herd is taking you over a cliff, which they are.

Jesus did not say the powerful politicians or the religious authorities would inherit the earth. He said the meek. Most of these people are not known, but they are the ones who most live to be in and do God's Will. They are the ones feeding the homeless, working in the projects, in the ghettos of Chicago or the slums of Calcutta. They are the ones living in unison with nature on the land.They are the ones who know that the world has nothing to offer. They live from their heart, in the moment, having great joy in being a clear vessel through which God can work to bless others.

And they are humble. For this life is not about what job you do or your education, and it is certainly not about how much money you accumulate, which is the big lie of this reality. It is about remembering our Unity and expressing God --- His Love, compassion, kindness.

Don't look to anything outside of you to provide any of your needs, for God is THE only Source. Don't look to anyone to be an intermediary with God, for God is within YOU. Jesus came to show us the way. He can be an elder brother who shows us, but as he said, the Kingdom is within you. As he awakened the Christ within him, you awaken the Christ within you.

Are you attached to things of the world, for if so, Jesus told us how that would end (hint --- not well). Center your Self in God and His/Her Love and know what is Real.

Lawrence Doochin

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