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Saturday, August 31, 2019

You Are A Dispenser Of Grace

Do you realize how holy you are? You are Grace, for your Creator has given you the Kingdom.

How do you choose to use that Grace? Do you choose to ignore or hoard it? Or do you choose to dispense it?

You are literally God's hands and feet. You have the ability -- if you align your Will with His --- to be a blessing to everyone you encounter. Just like you are blessed by God in every moment with His Grace, you can do the same for everyone you encounter, and the same for yourself.

This is why you are here. You are not here to make a lot of money (although there is nothing "wrong" with that), nor are you here to achieve some grand recognition by how the world sees it. You are here to awaken and be a dispenser of Grace.

As you give Grace to others, you give it to yourself for we are One. This is the ultimate confirmation and "put into action" the expansion of Creation. For you live and have your being in Christ (God), and you bless others to bless yourself. Love gives ... and gives ,,, and gives. Just like water which finds it lowest level and joyously tumbles over the rocks (obstacles) in the process, we/Love/God seek to bless and pull the lowest levels of this world into the Kingdom. And this gives us immense joy, as that is our God DNA. That is what we are made of, regardless of what false things we believe about ourselves.

So the next time you encounter a difficult person or someone has hurt or betrayed you, ask God for help in dispensing forgiveness and Grace upon the person and situation, as well as upon yourself in helping you heal and helping you to see it from a higher perspective.

Lawrence Doochin

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