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Sunday, August 25, 2019

You May Have Been Victimized ...

You may have been victimized, but you are not a victim, regardless of what happened to you, and many have encountered horrific circumstances such as traumatic childhoods, sexual/mental/ physical abuse, rape, etc.

Every experience, even the rally "bad" ones, is an opportunity for growth, if we allow it to be and allow God in to help us heal. For we are not victims, but we are warriors in Christ, divine beings who reflect the Unity with our Father/Mother and all parts of the One.

Use the traumatic experiences as manna to see who you really are. For when we begin to heal and take our power back from the experience, we can see through contrast -- contrast to our eternal nature and that our Spirit can truly never be hurt --- that we are powerful. What happened to you does not define you UNLESS you let it. What happened to you is a grain of sand in an eternal beach of experiences.

This does not mean that you don't have emotions and unprocessed energetics around what happened, because you do, especially if it happened in childhood when you did not have a support system to help you process it (and you buried it). But as we process these emotions, we learn to have compassion on ourselves, which is gas for our recognition of our divinity. As we process these emotions, we can feel God right there with us, as He experiences everything that we experience. It is His/Her Love and comfort, His Grace, which will see you through.

Be powerful in your divinity, not powerless as someone who sees themselves as a victim.

Lawrence Doochin

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