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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Discernment Versus Judgment

What is the difference between discernment and judgment? Discernment sees that what other person is doing is not in alignment with God's will or that person's highest good. It could be that they intentionally hurt people through their words, they don't eat healthy, they engage in dysfunctional emotional patterns, etc.

But discernment stops there. It recognizes the divinity in everyone and has the compassionate understanding for that person's situation, as we are all experiencing this to different degrees. Love looks past, not agreeing with or enabling that person's actions or words, but keeping a balanced and higher perspective.

Judgment judges. It condemns (this is why God is a God of Love, not judgment). Judgment wants to crucify that person for their actions or words. Judgment sees sin where discernment sees error. And judgment always comes from a projection of self judgment. You will judge others to the extent you judge and condemn yourself.

Lawrence Doochin

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