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Saturday, September 07, 2019

The Meaning Of The Cross And Suffering

As with many things in our spiritual evolution and remembrance, we have to see and hear with the eyes of God to understand the true meaning of the words that Jesus spoke and what transpired during his lifetime. Why did he come? What purpose did he have for humanity? What is the meaning of the cross?

The cross serves several purposes to help us understand our true Divine nature. First, it represents the crossing out of the belief in sin, for sin is a leg in the stool of separation, along with guilt, self judgment, punishment, the need to do penance, etc. Jesus did not come to take our sins away but to destroy the belief in sin, and ironically, he did this by allowing himself to be crucified. Sometimes God shows us our errors in thinking (in this case both individually and collectively) through contrast – by allowing the false thinking to be put to the extreme. It is similar to someone who wins the lottery and then it ruins their life. They had believed that having a lot of money would be their savior, and they could only learn what they needed to be shown through the occurrence of the event.

But obviously Jesus’ crucifixion did not take “sin” away as anyone can plainly see what is happening in the world today. But the appropriate term is the appearance of sin, because that is all it is, and the appearance is only upheld by the belief that sin is real. Take away the belief, and what is false falls away. Almost everyone walking this planet with the exception of a handful of people believe to a certain extent (and it varies a huge amount depending on that person’s level of awakening) that they have separated from God, that sin is real, that they either need to do penance or they will be punished etc. But appearances are not reality.

Jesus did not save us from our sins but he “saved” us from our belief in sin. Or at least he offered an example for those who could see and hear with the eyes of God. To see it this way – to see our divinity and that we have never separated from God -- is the only way “out” of “sin.” His crucifiers wanted to literally destroy his body as they tried to project their sins on to him to get rid of them, but this is a false belief as an idea cannot leave its source. We cannot project something away from us to get rid of it or change it. We can only change it at its Source which is our false belief system. And Jesus also showed that this whole system of thinking was false when he resurrected.

The second meaning of the cross is the blending of divinity and humanity. Only in this holy reality can God know Himself/Herself in a limited three dimensional aspect. This is not good or bad. It is just another way of God coming to know Himself, and Jesus was the perfect representation of this, the first human to walk the earth who had fully remembered his divinity and lived as that expression. And he said we would do the same (and even more), so he was the wayshower. We owe it to him to use his example to learn, to heal ourselves and release what is false in us, so that we can be of service to the world. It doesn’t take many candles to illuminate a darkened house.

The third meaning of the cross has to do with the idea of suffering. We humans with our ego minds tend to want everything to be rosy and good, so when something adverse happens, we want to get away from it or change it, we judge it as “bad,” we are angry with it, etc. But that is precisely the purpose of this existence on Earth, of God having an experience through and as us. Because to God, it is only an experience – always holy even under the most difficult circumstances. Always holy even when the person commits horrible acts. For at one level of reality these acts are real and we need to address the suffering that is caused, and at another level of reality this is all like a play on a stage. This is the paradox we must continually hold, just like the paradox of divinity and humanity, of us being One with God and also being the Son.

So the word suffering is not the best term as it is ego tainted. Jesus showed us that God was with him throughout his whole life, even when he asked on the cross why he had been forsaken – in that moment, he did not feel God’s Presence, but this was a test of faith for Jesus, his final one. Even when the clouds completely cover the sun, do we still trust that the sun (God’s Love and Presence) is still there?

What does this mean for us? God is with us during the “suffering,” during those times when we live the human experience under adverse conditions. He is not only with us, but He carries us, and if we can come to see it this way, come to know Him within us, then we see this “suffering” under a totally different Light, and we have great peace about it. So the message of the cross is that “suffering” – regardless of how bad it is and being crucified on the cross is about as bad as it gets -- is always overcome (we resurrect from it) through faith and giving our will to Him.

The final message of the cross is that we are meant to fully become the incarnate Christ in this lifetime. Jesus said the Kingdom is here NOW. He didn’t say it would come when he came back. It is there for our taking, for our remembering, and we are each here to walk this same journey. And what a glorious journey that can be with a result that is holy beyond measure. For when Jesus resurrected, he was the full Christ Light body, the same one which we are all meant to inhabit in this Earth reality.

Lawrence Doochin

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