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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Sharing Secrets

Sharing eliminates fear, especially when we share with our children.

Each of us has our own unique fears, our own unique secrets, and because they are specific to that person, they are not universal. Thus they are not real.

We literally believe that these secrets and fears will kill us, but through sharing, these secrets and fears are demystified. The power is taken away from them.

Because children have only recently left God and the Oneness and entered into this world of illusion, they can avoid forming a lot of personal fears if their parents are open with them. Parents don't have to be free of fear and personal secrets, but what they have to do is share those fears and secrets, acknowledging with their children that these fears are not real. The parents need to share with the child that these issues are their individual "stuff", something they struggle with but are working on. This requires brutal self honesty by the parent, because they must uncover those things they have hidden from themselves.

This openness with a child provides an amazing base of reality from which the child can enter into the world and not get caught up in the personal dramas of people they interact with, nor get caught up in the collective fear of the world. Remember, only that which is Real can be shared. That which is Real is Love and unity, and that is you, for God created you by sharing Himself.

Lawrence Doochin

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