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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Without Your Ego Driving

Do you ever notice that you will have a thought and it will take away your peace and joy?

The specifics of the thought can be anything, but the thought is always fear/worry, grievance, self judgment based, and it is never in the present moment. You are always worrying about something, holding a grievance against someone, or judging yourself for something that has occurred or yet to occur.

That's because in the present moment He is there and fear/worry, grievances, and judgment are not possible. Do you think its possible that your peace and joy are always there and your thoughts you don't share with God, your ego thoughts, take you out of the peace and joy? Can you trust those ego thoughts if they don't come from Him?

His thoughts are always love/compassion, peace, and joy based, fully in the moment. Can you operate in the world without your ego thoughts a the driver of the bus? Yes you can, and as you increasingly listen to His thoughts, you will begin to see how very dysfunctional your previous way of functioning was.

Lawrence Doochin
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