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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Look Outside

Look outside yourself. Don't look outside yourself for confirmation of who you are --- that needs to come from within as God is within you. But look outside yourself to take the focus from an "I" perspective.

When we focus on "our" problems, difficult life circumstances, physical health or handicap issues, we reinforce these and we slip out of gratitude and into a victim mentality. We lose the higher perspective that we are Spirit temporarily experiencing certain circumstances in a body.

The more we concentrate on the "I" and the "mine," the more victimized we feel. How do we reverse this? Do something for someone else --- this puts us in a Unity perspective and while our "problems" may not go away, they are seen in a different light --- the Light of God.

Run an errand for someone, say a kind word, maybe just be there to listen as they also go through difficult times. God will always give you opportunities to get out of yourself and help someone else, for this is what Love does.

Lawrence Doochin
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