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Friday, February 21, 2020

You Are Literally Judging God

We do not recognize how foolish we are when we make judgments.

The belief that we can judge someone or something comes from a very narrow view of who we are. It is like saying this mole on our body is the epicenter of our consciousness and thought. This is how small the ego actually is, but we think it is all that exists.

We are but a cell in the body of God, a tree in the forest. How can we know how far the forest extends or what is going on in another part of the forest? Or what happened or will happen to another tree? We can't know; thus we are in no position to ever make a judgment of another or ourselves.

Judgments only originate in the ego mind. They are not possible from a Unity and God Mind, as nothing is seen as separate from us. What is there to judge? There are only other parts of us, parts of God, and we don't look at these and judge them. We look at them and love and are in awe of them. This is how black and white the difference between ego-judgment thinking is and who we truly are.

Lawrence Doochin
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