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Friday, March 20, 2020

How Do You Handle Fear?

Most people are in a lot of fear right now, and they deal with it in very different ways.

For instance I am a doer and I want to take whatever action I can and as quickly as I can, so with the coronavirus I have wanted to make sure my loved ones are safe, we have adequate supplies in the event it worsens, etc. This makes me feel safe. While I am grateful for having a logical mind and being action based in these situations, the fear takes me out of my heart space which is not good and leads me to be impatient and non compassionate on what I say. So I have had to cultivate staying in my heart even when I am in fear.

My wife is the opposite as she went into denial about the virus and was almost resisting me on the actions I wanted to take. Denial is what a lot of people go into until it is too late, and then it becomes panic. Denial can include something like oh it will only last a week. We minimize things because it appears to quell our fear but this doesn't help us in what we need to do in a worldly sense in terms of being prepared.

We have to plan for the worst and envision/manifest the best scenario, which is a tricky place to be, but it is one that shows if we are a energetic and spiritual master. Can we place our fear to the side and make rational and logic based decisions while knowing we have done all we can do and it is in now in God's hands? When we can do that, then we can see where our fear is coming from, because it is not the virus as that is only an external trigger to point us to something inside that needs healing. Fear is a belief, and like other beliefs that are false, we only need to shine the light of Truth on it. So these crises like we are going through now really test us and bring out the best or the worst of both our humanness and our divinity. What a beautiful interplay and opportunity to grow in our general awareness and our relationship with God.

Lawrence Doochin
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